The 7 Crimes You Commit

In December 2006, I self published a book titled “The 7 Crimes you commit against your identity”. The book was the out growth of conversations regarding Identity Theft. Most people assume that large corporations and government agencies being cyber attacked was their biggest threat. I am considering, along with numerous other projects, to write an updated version of the book. If I do, I will post it here also.

However, there are many more ways you can fall prey to being a victim of Identity Theft. And some of the most of damaging events causing harm to your identity can be those caused by people closest to you. Family, Friends, Business Associates.

I was able to direct sell my book for several years from my other business. After I closed the business down, I decided to make the information available to everyone for free and and created this website for that purpose. I also decided to add an ongoing blog section to provide new information.

I will add to this website as I learn of additional methods that crooks and businesses use to try and obtain your hard earned money from you with out earning it in honest ways. This site is free but is advertiser supported, so I invite you to visit any of our advertisers if the products/services they are offering is of interest to you.

John Carter