Windows Errors Scam

In the on going twist on telemarketing scams, callers – who speak almost no English – are calling homeowners and businesses with the claim that the user’s windows is reporting errors.

The caller claims to be able to provide technical support to fix the windows errors. They then proceed to start asking personal and financial questions.

This is a newly report scam, so at this point, I have limited details on the how it continues. As soon as I can learn more, I will update this post to include what you need to know to best deal with this Windows Errors Scam.

The best and only way to protect yourself from Windows Errors scams and any other telephone scam – do not respond to any telephone calls unless they are from someone you can trust. And do not trust caller ID, as scammers can now buy cheaply and easily equipment that will produce fake caller IDs. The best defense when receiving any call, is to hang up and call back at a number you can verify with a phone book or your own personal knowledge.

Windows Errors scam is only the latest in telephone scams.

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