Chapter 10 – Three More Things to Consider

Not only are you at risk of Identity Theft, but so is your Spouse, kids, pets, parents, elderly relatives and business.

1) Consider this: You own a small business (or a serious hobby) that provides services or sells products. It may have (1) a name (2) bank accounts (3) credit card/revolving credit accounts (4) a taxpayer ID – your Social Security number or a Federal EIN (5) a credit rating and maybe a Dunn & Bradstreet rating.

The business has as much to lose as you and it may be more at risk since employees, vendors and contractors also have access to information on the business. Can your business survive being hit with Identity Theft? Can your business recover from huge bills as the result of bogus purchase orders? All the steps you are taking for yourself must also be taken for the business.

2) Confused about the Pet’s identity? My dog received Two pre-approved credit card applications in his name? To his credit, no amount of treats could get him to sign the application or to give me his Social Security Number. {In case you work for the IRS, he was never claimed as a dependent on my taxes.} If it can happen to a dog, it can happen to child who does have a Social Security Number.

3) If you have elderly parents or other relatives, you may want to assist them with these matters. About a year after my Dad passed away, I found multiple internet web sites that listed his birthday, his social security number and his city of residency plus information on his WWII Military Service. What more could a thief want?