Chapter 8 – The Needless Information With You

Crime Number 6 – Empty your pockets

Stop carrying extra credit cards, unused IDs and information just for convenience.

Do you carry multiple credit cards just for the sake of carrying multiple credit cards? If you need to make purchases for a business then carry one card for that and only one or two for personal use. Anything else spells trouble.

Open your wallet or purse right now and count the credit cards you have in it. It is two? Four? Eight? Ten or more? How many ID cards do you have. One, you answer – your drivers license! Oh, and you have: an employee ID card, a medical insurance ID card, a Rotary or Lions Club ID card, a Gym membership ID Card, a Video Rental Store ID Card, an airline frequent flyer card, a car rental Premium Membership ID card, and the list goes on. Do you have any other cards with your name and address, or a list of important phone numbers or other personal information?

Lets us count the ways carrying all of these cards can be a bad decision:
1) You are shopping and you pull out your wallet and it contains 6~8 credit cards. If a thief sees this you now become a target for them. Just the fact that you have 6~8 cards in your wallet increases your desirability to a thief. It is not uncommon for people to carry more then 8 credit cards and for what purpose? Are you afraid a card may be max’ed
out and you might need a different one? Are you going to buy so much in one trip that you may max out the limit on several cards? {If this is your problem, then Identity Theft may not be your biggest problem, more likely Bankruptcy.}

2) If a thief can obtain possession of your wallet, consider how many opportunities they have to ring up charges before you can notify all the different credit card companies that the cards have been stolen. If you keep just one or two cards you can quickly contact just the affected companies. The more cards you carry (both credit and ID) the more opportunities for your information to be abused.

3) Are you carrying Vehicle Insurance cards with you? Read these! Do they contain a vehicle description, VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), your policy number and your address? If a thief also has your keys, (stolen with your purse) they have a greater opportunity to now steal your car. Nearly all insurance cards provide at least make, model and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of your car. Also is your agents name, phone number and address on the card.

All insurance cards have a policy number. A very, very dangerous situation is if that policy number is given to a police officer during a traffic accident. You could now be tied to lawsuits and / or criminal charges resulting from the accident. It is bad enough you have to carry this information in your car – please do not compound it by carrying it in your pocket every single day.

4) Now how about all those other ID cards? Are you carrying membership cards for service associations such as Rotary, Lions, etc.? If so, think about why. Your Rotary Club knows you. The Elks lodge doorman knows you. When you arrive for a Lions Club Fund Raiser in your Yellow Vest, they will know you. Do you really need to have this information on you?

In the event of the theft of your wallet, it is that much more information about you. Sometimes these ID cards are offered up as proof of Identity. If a thief has your checkbook and such an ID, they might be able to cash checks draining your account. Some IDs, such as medical cards also use the Social Security Number as the ID number. If any of your cards use your Social Security Number as the ID number, be certain you have to carry this card as it is a dangerous Brick in your Identity Wall.

Each bit of information you carry with you is another brick in your identity wall. The more bricks a thief can obtain, the greater the false Identity wall the thief can build. The better the thief’s fake wall, the more they can steal from you.