Chapter 14 – Closing Thoughts by Author

ou should now know substantially more about protecting your Identity. This book is not designed or intended to make you feel foolish about anything you are doing or have done in the past. The only goal is to raise your awareness of some things you do that could contribute to you being a victim of Identity Theft. There are no guarantees you will not be a victim. If a family member or close friend knows enough about you and is willing to use your identity for their personal gain – you can still be victimized. Even if you become a victim, by using the above steps, you may be able to limit the damage.

According to security “experts”, locks keep honest people honest. The bigger the lock the more honest people there are. A diary lock will not keep people out of your house. So you buy a heavier lock and a dead bolt. A big steel door with a massive lock is used to secure a bank vault. If the bank locked up their money with a padlock, it would be gone the first night as almost anyone could and would break in. Only a really serious crook will try to get through a steel bank vault door. Yes, the better the lock, the more honest people will be.

This advice is offered not as an Expert or a Consultant but as a victim. I have been there. My friends have been there. Business associates have been there. So far I have been able to keep the damages to a minimum. But that is from effort, not luck. Okay, some luck. I was not hit by high end thieves and I am always working to keep it that way.

Make this book just one tool in your arsenal to assist you in keeping down your risk – in effect lock the door and take the keys to your Identity. Keep saying, the bigger and better the locks, the more honest people there are. Approach not only your house security that way, but also, just your identity security. Effective this moment – Your Identity is a physical item. It needs to be locked up just like your Car, your House, your Money, your Jewelry. The better you lock up your identity, the more secure it will be. A secure identity can mean a more secure future. You are your Identity. Your Identity is you.

This guide is only a starting point for learning to protect your Identity. This is like High School vs. Life. This book is High School – it provides you with a foundation to build your own personal Shield for Identity Protection. Each person is different. Even spouses have slightly different needs for their individual identity. And you must help protect your kid’s Identity as well. And in some cases, you may have to also protect pet’s identity.

Some past estimates have the average Identity Theft victim spending $1,000′s and months repairing the damage done during Identity Theft. As thieves learn new tricks to abuse a stolen ID, the cost and time can be substantially more. It is much cheaper to prevent it, than to fix it.

You are the only one that will ever know how you did on the “test” of the Seven Biggest Crimes You Commit Against Your Own Identity. Please be honest with yourself. It is your future, your finances, your career, your life at stake. Take charge of it and take responsibility for it.

John Carter
The 7 Crimes You Commit Against Your Own Identity