Bonus: Why Use A Private Mailbox

There is a mindset in America that mail should be waiting for you at home when you arrive from a hard day of work. It is almost like it is ingrained in the Constitution, your mail must be at your front door when you unlock it. There certainly does exist a criminal mindset in which anything that can be obtained easily is the property of who ever has it. A private mailbox service can help control and eliminate access to your mail by criminal elements.
You (now) know that mail (incoming and outgoing) left in unsecured mailboxes can lead directly to financial tragedy. However, what about your packages and parcels?
Growing internet sales and the continued strong growth of catalog sales result in many packages being delivered right to the buyer’s home. These packages, delivered by the US Postal Service, FedEx, UPS, DHL and courier services, can sit for hours in front of your door waiting on you to come home. They can also be there for a hour or two until a thief or some local mischievous kids decide that your package is now their package.
One possible solution is a Private Mailbox Service.

  • A Private Mailbox can solve several problems at once:
  • Keep family and roommates from accessing your mail.
  • Safely receive letters and bills at a secure location
  • Safely receive and hold packages and parcels
  • Can receive packages from any source US Postal Service – UPS – FedEx – and others
  • Mail received when you travel does not pile up at your door.
  • Many extra services are generally available including copies, faxes, packing & shipping services.
  • A consistent address for magazines and bills if you rent or move a lot. Remember the last time you moved and the mess you had getting mail forwarded and changed? Good, then you know the value of a stable and permanent address.

You can find a PMB Service in the yellow pages under Postal Services or Mailbox Rentals. Try to rent a box from a service near your home or conveniently located between home and work. A very important feature is 24 hour mailbox access.

Shop around, all services are not created equally. Franchise stores including Mailboxes Etc.; The UPS Store; Postnet; and others are generally more expensive than independent stores, but they may have corporate standards and services that interest you.

Judge the service provider not only on box price but also * hours of operations. * time in business. * time under current ownership. * availability of other services you may be using. * convenient access for you to pick up mail and packages. * the location to your residence or employment.

Another reason to obtain a Private Mailbox Service is if you sell items online, such as or do mail order sales. Do you really want to publish your home address every time you sell something? Do you want delivery drivers stopping by and delivering merchandise all hours of the day? A Private Mailbox can help solve all of these problems by providing an independent address to help protect your privacy and a secure location for your mail and merchandise