Chapter 2 – Are You Your Own Number 1 Enemy

Research {personal and by the Federal Trade Commission} has identified seven (7) key things many people do that greatly increase the likelihood they will be victims of Identity Theft. You can remember these important areas by using the acronym S.E.C.U.R.E.D.

  1. Social Security Card – Stop carrying it your wallet or purse. There exists no daily need to have the card with you.
  2. Email / phone calls – Do not respond to requests for sensitive and unnecessary information unless absolutely required.
  3. Checkbooks must not be carried unless absolutely needed. Don’t Carry Blank Checks in your wallet.
  4. Unneeded credit and easy financing must never be requested “Just because you can”.
  5. Restrict access to your mail by sending and receiving only at safe and secure locations.
  6. Extra and redundant credit or identity cards must be removed from purses and wallets.
  7. Document destruction and protection including shredding old and unessential records must become a regular (weekly or every other week) task. And those records that must be kept, must be locked up and secured.

Over the following pages you will explore these areas and some others in greater detail.
Starting on the next page is a new future with fewer threats to your Identity.