My Book

This book is the result of both personal experiences and the experiences of numerous people I have met. It was prepared with the goal of putting you on the front side of preventing Identity Theft as opposed to the backside of dealing with it. Even if you follow all the recommendations in this book there is no guarantee you will not be a victim of Identity Theft. But if you use this information correctly, you can greatly reduce your chances of it happening to you. If you have personal experiences you would like to share, please forward them to me so I can incorporate them into future releases. Identity Theft is a crime in which knowledge and close attention to the protection of personal information can greatly reduce the likelihood of it happening to you.

There are many professed “experts” on Identity Theft. Some have PhDs, or are researchers with a university or government agency. Some work in law enforcement or prosecutors’ offices dealing with Identity Theft. I am not trying to supplant everyone or anyone in ‘expert’ positioning. I only wish to supplement what they have to offer, with information and experiences assembled from victims.

What do I know about preventing Identity Theft that you do not? Maybe nothing. Maybe a lot. But I have learned how important a few simple steps can be and I want to share them with you so you can use the information to help protect yourself and your family. I have helped friends and acquaintances. Now I want to help you.

My book: The 7 Biggest Crimes People Commit Against Their Own Identity