Experian Credit Reporting System Hacked – Legally

The Experian Credit Reporting System Hacked – Legally. Yes you heard that right. Experian is doing it’s best to down play their complacency with the possible theft or illegal access to 100s of millions of Americans’ credit files. Yes, there is fear that over 200 million records may have been compromised. With the USA population just slightly over 300 million, it is possible that 2 our of every 3 Americans have been victimized by this corporate irresponsibility.

It appears that a Vietnamese businessman opened an access account with Experian claiming he was a Private Investigator. After being accepted by Experian and paying the fees requester, the con artist was given access to run queries in the Experian Credit Database.

This is a normal occurrence, however, Experian failed to pay attention to the fact that the businessman was accessing millions of records. Not even the police or FBI could have justified doing this many records.

The matter is currently being investigated by at least two State Attorney Generals, with more likely to follow suite in the near future.

The businessman in question was recently sentenced in Federal courts for being involved in operating websites and other methods to sell personal information including social security numbers that could be used for Identity Theft or other criminal activities. The businessman, it appears, obtained the confidential information via a business established under the guise of providing court/criminal records for others. Such services are routinely marketed online under the purpose of allowing people to research romantic loves or possible employees.

It is ironic that Experian actively markets services for credit monitoring and credit protection services while they could be directly linked a massive data breach. Of course, Experian would most assuredly enjoy it if all the affected people were now required or expected to sign up for Experian’s credit protection services.

Of course, the best that consumers can hope for is the classic 1 year credit monitoring services. The problem with that, as exposed by the Target Data Hacking if that crooks can just sit on the information for 13 months and then move forward.

While the government is now screaming murder over this obvious corporate malfeasance, there are have also been numerous cases of government employees leaving computers or data storage devises unsecured. It is time that the government acknowledge that your Social Security number is no longer a private number but a Federal Public Identity Number.

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