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Computer Virus Removal

There are two versions (that I know of) of these types of scams. We will fix you computer scam A virus gets installed on your computer. You are prompted by a pop up display that you computer may be infected

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Windows Errors Scam

In the on going twist on telemarketing scams, callers – who speak almost no English – are calling homeowners and businesses with the claim that the user’s windows is reporting errors. The caller claims to be able to provide technical

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IRS Tax Payment Scams

Overview: The IRS is reporting that there is a major nationwide Tax Payment Scam underway. The callers are contacting people and claiming to be IRS Enforcement Agents or Auditors. They are then using threats to obtain money. IRS Tax Payment

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Missed Jury Duty Payments

People are receiving phone calls informing them that they must pay a Missed Jury Duty Payment because of their failure to respond to a summons. These calls are bogus. The courts do not collect payment because you do not show

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