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Fake CPS agents visit Indiana Woman

A routine morning for an Indiana woman was altered by a phone call from Child Protective Services to inform her they were investigating a report of child abuse. Later in the day, two fake CPS women appeared at her door

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Windows Errors Scam

In the on going twist on telemarketing scams, callers – who speak almost no English – are calling homeowners and businesses with the claim that the user’s windows is reporting errors. The caller claims to be able to provide technical

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Experian Credit Reporting System Hacked – Legally

The Experian Credit Reporting System Hacked – Legally. Yes you heard that right. Experian is doing it’s best to down play their complacency with the possible theft or illegal access to 100s of millions of Americans’ credit files. Yes, there

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Lottery Ticket Cashing Scam in Florida

Florida Lottery official are investigating a Lottery Ticket Cashing Scam. It appears that owners of stores or clerks that worked in such stores were cashing an adnormally high number of winning lottery tickets. Florida Officials removed all lottery equipment and

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Lotto Scam in Colorado

Police in Colorado are reporting of a new twist on an old Scam. A Lotto Scam, this one involving the Colorado Lottery. The twist this time is that it is not being done with emails or telephone calls, but in

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