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Medical Records found in Topeka Kansas dumpster

A unidentified Topeka (KS) business discovered several boxes of medical records in a dumpster at his business complex. The businessman, while trowing away his garbage, discovered the boxes of sensitive information. The treasure trove of sensitive information contained confidential medical

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IRS Tax Payment Scams

Overview: The IRS is reporting that there is a major nationwide Tax Payment Scam underway. The callers are contacting people and claiming to be IRS Enforcement Agents or Auditors. They are then using threats to obtain money. IRS Tax Payment

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Fraudulent Facebook post lands Michigan Man in jail

A Michigan man was arrested in spent a month in jail for a fraudulent Facebook Post. Even after being released on bail, he was forced to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet. The Kentwood resident was arrested after posts using his

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Check Cashing Scams

Check cashing scams happen when some one sends you a check and then send them back the “overpayment” after you have cashed it with your bank. It is later that you discover the check is fraud and your bank then

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Facebook Group Help Me Scam

This scam is a twist on the common I Need Help scam, but it makes use of Social Media as the form of contact. It was reported to me by my sister who is very active in a regional Girl

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